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Thursday, 7 July 2022 21:18

Becoming so angry at the last ‘Do Not Reply’ email from the Insurers for Staysure telling me that I would have a response within 6 weeks, having already waited 5 months, I took to Twitter  and to my surprise got an instant response.

My claim was upheld, the money was in my Bank Account within the day and I even got a bouquet of flowers and apologies for my treatment. BUT the fault didn’t lie with Staysure but their Insurers - have also received an effusive apology from them stating that lessons have been learned and their will be more staff training.  So maybe my rant will have helped others.

I shall use Staysure again (and hope I don’t have to make a claim) because they specialize in the over 50’s and they do not load your insurance if you have made a claim - or that is what I am told.

Sadly, it becomes increasingly difficult to get insurance as one ages.  I really do object to the ‘one size fits all’ mentality towards Old Age.  I am fortunate enough to be extremely healthy  but those big figures in the Age box are a definite negative.

Thank you Staysure for your prompt attention.  I was just about to write to your CEO.  Now wish I’d taken to Twitter earlier but don’t really like airing my problems on social media.